Mark Phillips, President

ASAP Event Advertising, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I am pleased to endorse, without reservation, Ken Stiefler of eXits, LLC in his role as Certified Exit Planner for our firm ASAP Event Advertising. Ken has the appropriate skill sets to address the diverse needs of business owners seeking clarity throughout the sale of their business. Sincere and thorough counsel is a hallmark of Ken’s abilities to navigate the exit planning process - and a process it is! A consummate professional, with decades of experience in business owner exit planning, I felt very much at ease with Ken from our very first meeting. Our sale process involved an insider transaction that had some unique aspects that Ken was able to address and properly structure to mutual advantage of all parties. If you realize that “masterpieces take time” and are looking at maximizing overall value when considering the sale of your business, you should take the time to talk to Ken. I’m glad I did" (2015).




Peter Schrader, President

Schrader and Company, Burnt Hills, NY

"It is with sincere appreciation that I write this note on behalf of Christy, Ben, Silas and mself to thank you for your continued determination and participation in makng us stonger.  Again your use of the conference call in this years Annual Advisor meeting added to the success of the meeting. We thank you. 

You continue to be very clear that you care about the future of our organization and our health and vitality.  That is reassuring and very comforting to us as we consider the depth of your friendship and how much it means to us.  We thank you for the many ways in which you strive to make us stronger.  Thank you for your generous sharing." (2014)

“Your guidance in getting me through the unfamiliar maze these past several months has been close to wizardry. Instinctively you knew when the time was appropriate to factor in a little sausage making, or if it was best, to press with persistence and move the process forward. There is so much that is accomplished out of sight of the busy activity of meetings and conversations. I suspect there are many who visit your world, where you skillfully apply your magic, only to leave it without understanding what really happened when they blinked. You are good at what you do.” (2011)


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Lance Levine, CEO

MFI International, Flexible Manufacturing Services El Paso, TX

“You have taken what was, in my mind, a very complicated and confusing issue and through a series of educational work sessions, white papers and informal conversations, clarified the options.  My experience in working with you over the past year has been great.  You have become the quarterback of my team and have guided me towards achieving my goals of financial stability and irrelevancy in my business.  The process of transferring my business to one of my children has become very clear.  Thank you for your efforts.  I heartily recommend your service.” (2015)



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Mark Schryver, Owner

SM2 Schryver Medical, Inc., Denver, Co

"I have worked with Ken for over 7 years now. The main reason I've continued to do business with Ken is that he has always had my best interests at heart."

Figuring out your exit plan is very difficult in itself, let alone the anger stomaching estate taxes creates. This process truly needs a coach that keeps your best interest at the forefront!

I strongly recommend Ken as your ally in your effort for exit planning. (2009)


John H. Brown, President

Business Enterprise Institute (BEI), Denver, Co

As an attorney specializing in Exit Planning, I have worked with Ken Stiefler for well over 15 years. We have helped mutual business owner clients craft the customized, comprehensive exit plans that they have used to leave their companies in style.

I have found Ken to be the consummate team player: client-focused, professional, creative, extremely competent and disciplined. His work always reflects his ability to see the big picture and his attention to detail. I can, and do, recommend Ken to business owners, comfortable that they will be working with one of the best in the industry.

John H. Brown Former Principal, Minor & Brown, P.C. Author, "The Completely Revised How to Run Your Business So You Can Leave It In Style", President, Business Enterprise Institute, Inc. Denver CO (2009)